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The Shigatoxin-vaccination reduces the mortality and clinical signs of Edema (Oedema) Disease into the fattening period. The single-dose of vaccination can be used from 4 days of age. Three weeks after the vaccination animals are protected by neutralizing antibodies, which persist until at least the 15th week of life.

Nothing is as natural as the pig's own immunity. Actively boost the inherent immunity against Shiga toxin by vaccination.

These antibodies neutralize the Shigatoxin and therefore prevent the development of acute or chronic clinical signs. However, the presence of Shigatoxin producing E. coli in the herd is not reduced by the vaccine because it does not act against the bacterium itself.

While the vaccination itself decreases the rate of losses and runts due to the Edema (Oedema) Disease, additionally the farmer can reduce dramatically the use of antimicrobials like Colistin or Zinc oxide for controlling STEC in pigs. The Shigatoxin-vaccination helps to minimize the risk of developing resistant bacteria and thus actively contributes to consumer protection.

Case report from the Netherlands – a piglet producer with 660 sows1

In a longitudinal field study the mortality rate and the daily use of colistin sulfate was compared before and after Shigatoxin –vaccination. The farm had a history of reoccuring outbreaks of Edema (Oedema) Disease and an average mortality rate of 7.7 %. After the implementation of the vaccination there were no more losses due to Edema (Oedema) Disease and the farm was able to profit from production again.

After the implementation of the vaccination, the farm was able to completely dispense with the use of colistin sulfate and to reduce the total use of antimicrobials. Thus the farm was able to return to the green category of the antimicrobial surveillance program.

1Regine Fricke et al. 2015, Implementation of a vaccine against Shigatoxin 2e in a piglet producing farm with problems of Oedema disease: case study, Porcine Health Management 2015