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Limitation of liability

IDT Biologika GmbH assumes no liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information contained on its Internet site. IDT Biologika GmbH is expressly free of liability concerning errors resulting from the transmission of written documents or due to unauthorized alteration of the information by third parties. IDT Biologika GmbH is furthermore not responsible for the content of linked Internet sites.

In so far as regulation and laws are cited, the officially published version is the authoritative one. Information given by IDT Biologika GmbH for pharmaceutical companies does not affect their legal responsibilities.

With the court judgment dated 12.05.1998 - 312 O 85/98 - "Haftung für Links" (Liability for links), the Landgericht (Regional Court) in Hamburg has found that through the creation of a link, a possible joint responsibility for the content of the linked page exists. This can only be avoided through an express statement claiming distance from the content.

IDT Biologika GmbH hereby expressly distances itself from all contents of linked pages and does not claim the content to be its own. This declaration applies to all links present on the Internet pages at "www.shigatoxin.com".


The layout of the homepage, the images and graphic elements used, the collection of material, and the individual contributions are protected by copyright. IDT Biologika GmbH reserves all rights in full and in part, including those connected with photomechanical reproduction, copying, and distribution using special techniques (for instance data processing, storage media, and data networks).