COIN in 5 steps

Step 1: Details of the farm

Please choose your system Closed herd Piglet producer
Number of sows
Price per kg carcass (€)
Current sales weight (kg)
Ideal sales weight (kg)

Step 2: Weight gain development

Daily weight gain period Before After
Wean to finish DWG 8-115 kg

Step 3: Losses due to Edema Disease

Mortalities due to ED
% Mortality
Weight of the deaths (kg)

Step 4: Feed costs

Cost nursery feed (€/kg)
Cost finishing feed (€/kg)

Step 5:Details of control strategies

Antibiotics (€)
Others (ZnO, acids, autogenous vaccines) (€)
Cost of safety feed (€)
Cost of a dose of vaccine (€)

Minimum technical improvement in order to amortise the vaccination investment

criterias (splitted)
% losses or DWG (gr)
x x
criterias (separately)
% of the investment amortize with the decrease of the losses and the removal of the other control stategies x
% investment remaining to be amortized with the DWG x
necessary gain of DWG-115 equals to x

Real technical improvement of the vaccination...

...and economical valorisation

Gain period 8-115 kg Theoretical gain of weight
x x
Real additional weight x Technical gain per weaned piglet
Number of days saved x x

Global economical synthesis of the vaccination

Net gain/farm


Net gain/sow


Net gain/weaned piglet

x x x

Net gain / weaned piglet


Net gain/sow


Net gain/farm


Source of Gains (%)

Improvement of DWG
Reduction of medication
Reduction of losses

Return on investment/weaned piglet

Reduction of losses::
Reduction of medication:
Improvement of DWG:
Net gain: