STEC is detected in 34 percent of sickweaned piglets

Edema disease is a lethal infectious disease, which is seen in pig production throughout the world. It primarily occurs in piglets during the first two weeks after weaning. It is caused by a proliferation of Shigatoxin-producing E.coli bacteria (STEC), which is also known as Verotoxin.

A German study to differentiate pathogenic E.coli bacteria in weaning pigs identified STEC in 34% of cases.

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STEC clearly contribute to diseases in weaning pigs. According to studies, E.coli strains that produce Shigatoxin Stx2e have been identified in approximately one third of the samples examined.

Thus exact diagnosis is worthwhile. Would you also like to know the Shigatoxin status of your livestock?

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How Shigatoxin causes edema disease - a short video ...

Explore in the film, how E. coli Shigatoxin triggers the edema disease.

Course of an STEC-Infection